Some Qualities in Indian Army Officer – Must Read

If you want to be an Indian Army Officer , then you need to change your attitude and develop some Officer like qualities in yourself. Here we are listing some of the OLQ for you.

This is a list here written for you which are know as OLQ (Officers like Qualities)

  1. Know what you are looking for: – Before you aspire yourself for being an officer, you need to think for what you are looking for. You should know what type of qualities are possessed by an Officer. You can start this by watching some movies like Zulu. After watching this movie, you will be able to visualize how an officer would be like.
  2. Keep Calm and Carry On :- This is not a one day task. You will be able to pursue such quality in few months, but start doing it now. Don’t be flustered , do not show your emotions and never be over friendly with people. Stay strong physically and mentally. Always remember the roots of Indian Army is from British Army. In the British Academy, the pupils are trained for the disciplined life and not to show their emotions to anyone. This helps them to control the empire with the heavy hand.
  3. Command Respect :- If a person says loudly “I am a king” means he is not.  He must carry the attitude with him so that people know automatically about the same. Your walking style , your face and your voice must be enough to show who are you. To command people , there are two things i.e. competence and personal.

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Hope you have understood the above points, there are some points written broadly for you.

  • Effective Intelligence: – Get useful skills in yourself and apply them to become ore efficient.
  • Reasoning Ability: – Solve various questions based on reasoning.
  • Organising Ability: – Don’t be a part of events, start organising them with skills and innovate it.
  • Expression: – Try to express your thoughts with people and let the thoughts get exchanged.
  • Social Adaptation: – Try to know the local mode of transport and people lifestyle from the low to high levels.

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