Why to Join Indian Army? – 6 Reasons

Joining Indian Army is one of the noblest job in India. Here we will tell you why you should join Indian Army as an Officer. This can be a very common question in your Interview while you have applied for the post. This question provides a very good estimation of the personality of the candidate. This includes its purpose and honesty for the job.

Why to Join Indian Army?

This question has a very common answer to most of the candidates. This is mostly asked question where people answers the similar statement. If you will also be answering them in a unique way, then maybe you can attract them to consider you as a better candidate from others.

Please answer this question with a real reason you think in your life to join Indian Army. There are so many reason on which you can talk about this question. [You can consider some of these points to build your answer.

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Reasons to join Indian Army As an Officer:

  1. Professional Advancement :- This job is one of the most respectable job. People respect soldiers and officers because of their incredible services they offer.
  2. Job Satisfaction :-  The perks and payment in Indian Army is the best for all those who wants to get economic stability in their life.
  3. Job Security :-  There is no effect of recession or other factors to the Indian Army employees.
  4. Quality of Life :-  The life style of Indian Army employees are better than other people in terms of Social , economic aspect.
  5. Variety and Adventure :-  The service period of Indian Army soldiers provide them various experience in terms of Adventure in the various places.
  6. Post RetirementBenefits :-  The Indian Army provides various facilities like canteen and pension plans to the soldiers even after the gets a retirement. This attracts a lot of people for the better life in their old age.

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